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Kristian visits Camp Quality

Sydney Morning Herald. In Touch.


Do you get seasick?

I don't know if you'd call it seasickness but one of our directors from season one was sick most days on the boat. Whenever I was unfortunate enough to witness this, my stomach turned.

What is the worst thing you have been asked to do in an audition?A fight scene. The other actor in the audition room, who was twice my size, got overexcited and head-butted me, leaving me with concussion. But the worst pain was yet to come - I didn't get the job!

What is the weirdest thing a fan has ever done?When I started out in Neighbours I received a letter from a young English girl. The envelope had no stamp and simply said "Todd Landers. Ramsay Street". Somehow the letter made it half way across the world. To this day I still can't believe how.

Kristian Schmid plays Robert Dixon in Sea Patrol. The final episode of series two will be shown tonight on Channel Nine.

Kristian is named as one of the sexiest stars on Australian TV

Sydney Morning Herald - the science of being sexy



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