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Kristian Schmid is a talented Australian actor who first came onto our screens as Todd Landers in Neighbours. He has worked in theatre, film and TV in Australia and England. 

He plays RO in Sea Patrol with the fourth season of the show currently shooting in far north Queensland. 

Kristian can currently be seen on Channel 7 in the hit show, Packed to the Rafters. He plays Alex who has cerebral palsy and is very convincing in the role. 

 Kristian has been on Mornings with Kerri-Anne, Fresh and the Merrick and Rosso show.
Kristian's other acting work includes the Foxtel comedy, Stupid Stupid Man (Episode 6-Integrity) and Two Weeks with the Queen for the South Australian Theatre Company.  He received rave reviews for his hilarious portrayal of Alistair - a neurotic English kid.

Kristian Schmid with LS Julie Fairchild at the SP launch


Kristian Schmid in a Stables Theatre production

Kristian played the baddie King Eurystheus in the NBC production of Hercules. 
Like all evil characters he has a very dramatic death scene!


Kristian loves his theatre.
He played the role of a nutty student who is obsessed with his Professor in Noir.

Noir - Kristian Schmid during a performance
Kristian Schmid with his co-star

Kristian plays the King...


At a Glance.........
Birthday: 28th November.
Star Sign: Saggitarius.
First Job: Neighbours.
Lives: Sydney

Kristian Schmid has worked in film, theatre and television.
After playing Todd on Neighbours for four years he moved to London. He hosted "Going Live" for the BBC, and starred in "The Tomorrow People", "Two Weeks With the Queen", and theatre shows "The Lion in Winter" and A Midsummer Night's Dream".
Did you know Kristian has performed in three productions of the Shakespeare play? Most recently for the Bell Shakespeare company..... The show played at the Opera House, before touring the country.
After returning from the UK Kristian studied at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts for 3 years. (Hugh Jackman and Marcus Graham went there too!) 
Kristian Schmid had a leading role in the Aussie film about schoolies week "Blurred".
For the theatre in 2006 he performed in "Two Weeks with the Queen" for Windmill Theatre (South Australian Theatre Company) and "The United States of Nothing" for the Stables Theatre.
Television appearances include "Stupid Stupid Man", "All Saints", "Blue Heelers", "Flipper" "Good Guys, Bad Guys" and he played Buddy Holly in "Nightmares and Dreamscapes" for TNT and King Eurystheus in "Hercules" for NBC.